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Flexible Body Analysis of Four Bar Linkage

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Status:    Published
Published date:    07/21/2010
Updated:    07/10/2014
Reported In:   SimXpert (2010) - Motion Workspace
  SimXpert - Structures Workspace
  SimXpert - Motion Workspace


This example shows the simulation of a four bar linkage. It covers all of the steps necessary to create the Motion model in SimXpert, to perform a structural modal analysis, and to perform a flexible body simulation. By viewing the video, you will see the integration capabilities between SimXpert Motion and Structures Workspaces.
The structure is anchored at both ends and the individual bars are linked together.
Analysis will focus on obtaining the stress and deformation distributions of the model first when it is made to rotate about a link, and then again when the link is connected with a rotational stiffness.

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