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Published date:    05/05/2010
Updated:    08/22/2017
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Live Webcast

Presented by:
Anthony Gugino, Easy5 Product Marketing Manager, Peter Kamber, Easy5 Product Development Manager

What's New in Easy5 2010
We are proud to announce the 2010 release of Easy5. Join this webinar to learn about the advancements in multi-domain systems and controls modeling within Easy5 2010 that help engineers quickly and easily design complex products. You will also hear about specific applications and quantified benefits of new features. Easy5 is now more powerful and easier to use than ever.

New Features You Will Learn About:

  • Improved and Extended Libraries... New Components! New Configurations!
    • Thermal Hydraulics
    • Gas Dynamics
    • Multi-Phase Fluids
    • General Purpose
  • Model Data Update via External CSV File
  • Watch List Improvements
  • Increased Maximum Model Size
  • Updated Compiler Support

Who Should Attend:

  • Existing Easy5 Users
  • Existing MSC Customers
  • Engineers Interested in Multi-Domain Systems and Controls Simulation

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