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(Webinar - Archive) Announcing SimManager 2010 - A Breakthrough In Simulation Management Intuitiveness

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Published date:    04/20/2010
Updated:    08/22/2017
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Live Webcast

Presented by:

Michael Schlenkrich, SimManager Product Marketing Manager;
Matt Macias, SimManager Business Development Manager.

A Breakthrough In Simulation Management Intuitiveness
SimManager, the leader in simulation data and process management, takes simulation management tasks to a new level of user experience, ease of use, and intuitiveness with the new SimManager 2010 release. Delivering dramatic improvements in interface and simulation management functionality, SimManager 2010's enhancements are based on MSC's extensive production deployment experience and real world customer feedback. SimManager 2010 delivers the key capabilities for a successful, rapid and cost effective simulation data and process management solution implementation in a ready-to-use package.

Join this webcast to...

  • Create a fully traceable record of your simulation data and processes
  • Rapidly find simulation data through intuitive search
  • Manage simulation data records with rich meta-data attribution
  • Associate simulation results with requirements and targets
  • Track simulation work status to ensure comprehensive and quality analysis records

Who Should Attend:

  • Analysts
  • Managers
  • Anyone who creates, consumes or reviews simulation data

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