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Adams For Loads - Loads From Adams Improve the Results of FEA and Life Predictions

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Published date:    02/05/2010
Updated:    08/22/2017
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View a webcast to hear how virtual loads from Adams improve the results of your FEA and Fatigue Life Predictions.

Duration: 30 Minutes

Presented by: Anthony Gugino, Adams Product Marketing Manager.

Don't Waste Your Finite Element (FE) and Fatigue Analyses on Bad Loads!
Product failure is costly. So, predictive tools like Finite Element Analysis and Fatigue Life Prediction are used. But, these results are only as good as the loading inputs that drive them. Don't waste your FE and fatigue analyses on bad loads! Learn how, with Adams, one can perform system-level multibody dynamics simulation to quickly and accurately predict loading throughout complex systems early in the design process

View this webcast to...

  • Learn why loads prediction is important
  • Understand accurate loads prediction challenges
  • Find out why Adams is the solution
  • Hear of applications in various industries and how they benefit
  • See a demonstration of Adams loads prediction and FEA interaction

Who Should Watch:

  • FEA and Fatigue Analysts
  • Product Design Engineers
  • Anyone Interested in Avoiding Product Failure


View Webcast Recording

Note:  this video is in Adobe Flash format



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