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Status:    Published
Published date:    07/06/2011
Updated:    07/10/2014
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記事 製品 ウェブセミナータイトル 発表者 放映日
WM1 Marc & Mentat Academic: Using Marc in university courses & research involving Nonlinear Mechanics Dan Wolf 10/8/2009
WM2 MSC Nastran & Patran Defining and Using Superelements in MSC Nastran and Patran Vivek Bhardwaj  10/15/2009
WM3 Adams Create smarter Adams/View models through parametrics Kent West 8/6/2009
WM4 Marc & Mentat Apply Local Adaptive Meshing for Improved Nonlinear Analysis Joe Satkunananthan 8/13/2009
WM5 MSC Nastran & Patran Perform random analysis using MSC.Random Mohan Barbela 20/08/2009
WM6 Patran Learn about advanced Patran meshing techniques  Edwin Goei 8/27/2009
WM7 MSC Nastran & Patran Learn About Optimization Using MSC Nastran and Patran Sanjay Patel 9/10/2009
WM8 Adams Academic: Using Adams in university courses & research involving Kinematics & Dynamics Jim Ryan 9/3/2009
WM10 Easy5 Modeling Fluid Power Systems with Easy5 Rick Clanton 10/29/2009
WM11 MSC Nastran & Patran Academic: Using MD Nastran & Patran for FEA in Courses and Research Paul Kastle 11/19/2009
WM13 SimDesigner Workbench edition What’s New in SimDesigner R4 Release  Sunil Tahilramani 10/2/2009
WM16 MSC Nastran & Patran Nastran GPFORCE/Freebody Plots in Patran Huy Pham 11/12/2009
WM17 Adams Academic: Vehicle Engineering with Adams Akshay Sheorey 1/7/2010
WM18 Patran Patran CAE Solid Modeler : Leveraging Parametric Information from imported CAD Solids Dominick Lauzon 11/19/2009
WM19 Adams Gaining efficiency using Adams/View scripting, logic and macros Kent West 12/10/2009
WM20 Simufact.forming  Academic: Using Simufact.forming, powered by Marc & Dytran, for metal forming simulations in Courses and Research. Arjaan Buijk 2/4/2010
WM27 MSC Nastran Generic Method for Summing Loads about an Arbitrary point using Nastran Monitor Points Dean Bellinger 1/28/2010
WM28 Marc & Mentat Composites Capabilities in Marc Zhong Qin 2/11/2010
WM43 MSC Nastran & Patran Pre-stressed Normal Modes Analysis Using Patran and Nastran Donald Christensen 2/18/2010
WM50 MSC Nastran & Patran Introduction to MSC Flightloads for Doublet Lattice Aeroelastic Analysis Jack Castro 3/18/2010
WM53 MSC Nastran & Patran Nastran Glued Contact: Leveraging MD Nastran Technology to Expedite Mesh Assemblies and Integrate Global-Local analysis Dominick Lauzon  12/3/2009
WM54 Patran - Marc & Mentat Marc Contact Analysis and the Corresponding Effective Parameter Settings Pei Gu 3/11/2010
WM55 MSC Nastran How to validate a CMS External Superelement Don Graff 3/25/2010
WM56 Patran Results post processing using Patran (part 1 of 2 parts) Greg Brooks 4/8/2010
WM59 MSC Nastran MSC/MD Nastran Multipoint Constraint Equations (MPC and Rigid Element Applications) Glenn Grassi 5/13/2010
WM65 Marc Mentat, MSC Nastran Simulate Composite Damage and Delamination using MARC & MD-Nastran T.Kim Parnell 4/22/2010
WM66 SimXpert SimXpert_FiberSIM link for a composite panel analysis Philippe Portal 7/8/2010
WM70 Patran Patran Customization: Tailoring Your Patran Work Environment Darrel Sinclair 4/29/2010
WM73 MSC Nastran & Patran Finite Element Analysis in Aircraft Structure Design Jim Swan, John Parady, and Hanson Chang  6/3/2010
WM74 Patran - Marc & Mentat Tips and tricks troubleshooting Marc/SOL600 models Pedro Chou 5/20/2010
WM75 Patran MSC.Explore: A tool for post processing results data for big models across multiple load cases. Mohan Barbela  5/27/2010
WM76 Dytran Fluid Structure Interaction with MSC Dytran Pedro Chou  6/24/2010
WM79 MSC Nastran & Patran FEA Model Checking using Patran & MD Nastran John Parady  6/17/2010
WM85 MSC Nastran MSC Nastran Performance Tips Mike Wong  7/1/2010
WM88 Adams Adams/Solver Integrator Settings: Achieving Robust, Converged Solution  Walter Daniel 7/22/2010
WM89 Adams Vibration Analysis of Full Dynamic Systems using Adams Juan López de Alda 6/29/2010
WM91 Marc & Mentat Marc Global-Local Analysis Zhong Qin 8/5/2010
WM95 MSC Nastran FSI Simulation using MD Nastran – SOL 700 Vijay Tunga 8/26/2010
WM96 MSC Nastran A Review of Splining for Aero-Structure Coupling in Aeroelastic Solutions Jack Castro 9/16/2010
WM98 MSC Nastran Restart in Static, Dynamic and Non-Linear Analysis using MSC Nastran Prafulla Kulkarni 9/2/2010
WM99 MSC Nastran MD Nastran Thermal Enhancements Daniel Chu 9/23/2010
WM101 MSC Nastran & Patran FRF, FBA and TPA Capability in MD Nastran 2010 Vivek Bhardwaj  10/14/2010
WM103 MSC Nastran MD Nastran Multi-Physics Simulations Daniel Chu 10/28/2010
WM104 Patran Patran’s Utilities Menu Darrel Sinclair 10/22/2010
WM105 SimXpert What is SimXpert - Templates Dominick Lauzon 11/18/2010
WM106 Adams Working with Adams/Car Templates Rishikesh Mokashi  4/1/2010
WM107 MSC Nastran Academic: Flutter Analysis using MSC/MD Nastran Dean Bellinger 2/10/2011
WM108 Adams Academic: Getting Started Building Models in Adams/View Kent West 2/17/2011
WM111 MSC Nastran Shock Spectrum Analysis Mohan Barbela 3/10/2011
WM112 MSC Nastran & Patran Academic: Integration of MSC PATRAN with CAD Packages Edwin Goei 3/17/2011
WM114 MSC Nastran, Easy5 Interface Elements using MSC Nastran Huy Pham 3/24/2011
WM115 Adams Academic: Introduction to Adams/Car for Formula SAE Joe Little 4/14/2011
WM116 MSC Nastran & Patran Introduction to Finite Element Analysis for University Course and Research Donald Christensen 5/5/2011
WM117 Patran Introduction to Patran PCL Programming Chris Hofmann 5/26/2011
WM118 Fatigue Introduction to fatigue analysis using MSC-Fatigue software  Joe Satkunananthan 6/9/2011
WM119 Adams Adams: Contacts Overview, Best Practices and Tips Walter Daniel 6/30/2011



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