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This article is intended to give a list of SimAcademy Webinars archives available at the MSC SimCompanion Support Portal.

WM352 MSC Apex Purpose Driven FE Selection for MSC Apex Bhoomi Gadhia 1/19/2017
WM351 Adams Adams View Scripting Examples in Python Kent West & Maziar Rostamian 12/21/2016
WM348 Adams Analyzing Tuned Mass Dampers with Adams/Vibration Kent West 11/10/2016
WM345 MSC Nastran Nastran Contact Analysis - New Features and Tips Hanson Chang 10/20/2016
WM341 Marc & Mentat Multi-Stage Simulation and PRE STATE Option in Marc Zhong Qin 9/22/2016
WM338 Marc & Mentat Node to Segment and Segment to Segment Contact in Marc Ali Hemmasizadeh 8/25/2016
WM333 MSC Nastran & Fatigue Design Optimization Using MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue Shripad Mungi 7/14/2016
WM331 MSC Apex MSC Apex Tips and Tricks Edwin Goei 6/16/2016
WM326 MSC Apex Linear Static Analysis Workflow Using MSC Apex Vinay Kadambi 4/28/2016
WM325 MSC Nastran & Adams Flexible Body Usage and Interactions Between MSC Nastran and Adams Sanjay Patel & Maziar Rostamian 4/14/2016
WM324 MSC Nastran The F06Reader Utility Introduction and Usage for MSC Nastran Mica Parks 3/17/2016
WM323 MSC Nastran & Patran Nonlinear Solution Setup Highlights Using SOL400 in MSC Nastran and Patran Bhoomi Gadhia 2/25/2016
WM322 MSC Nastran & Patran Frequency Response Usage in Nastran and Patran Farnaz Jadbabaie 2/11/2016
WM321 MSC Nastran Introduction to Cyclic Symmetry Using MSC Nastran and Patran Glenn Grassi 1/21/2016
WM307 Adams Modeling Geometric Nonlinearity in Adams Using the FE_PART Maziar Rostamian 11/25/2015
WM306 Marc Fracture Mechanics Capabilities in Marc Zhong Qin 11/12/2015
WM305 MSC Nastran Introduction to Dynamic Analysis Using Superelements Sachin Dani 10/29/2015
WM304 MSC Nastran & Fatigue Multiaxial and Spot Weld Capabilities in NEF 2014 Shripad Mungi 10/8/2015
WM303 Marc & Mentat Model Section in Marc Kiranraj Shetty 9/4/2015
WM302 MSC Nastran & Patran MSC Explore - A Post Processing Tool for Multiple Subcases Neeraj Mehta 8/27/2015
WM301 MSC Nastran Introduction to Poroelastic Materials in MSC Nastran Vivek Bhardwaj  8/6/2015
WM300 MSC Nastran Optimization Beyond Sizing - Topology, Topography, and Topometry Prafulla Kulkarni 7/23/2015
WM297 MSC Nastran Monitor Points in Nastran Hrishikesh Phadke 7/9/2015
WM295 MSC Nastran Overview of the MSC Nastran f04 file and DMAP Glenn Grassi 6/25/2015
WM294 Marc & Mentat Defining User Specified Crack Growth Criteria and Direction Jim He 6/18/2015
WM293 Adams Leaf Spring Modelling In Adams Car Sumit Nail 6/12/2015
WM287 MSC Nastran
Doing it Explicitly - Introduction to Explicit Analysis and Capabilities of SOL700
Vinand Arabale 3/26/2015
WM283 Adams A Framework for Adams/View Customization with Diverse Application Examples Chris Verheul 2/19/2015
WM274 Patran Key Features and Demos in Laminate Modeler Bhoomi Gadhia 12/18/2014
WM271 MSC Nastran Improved Performance Via BPOOL Sanjay Patel 12/11/2014
Internal Tools - General Tools
Solution Download Center and MSC Support Site: An Overview Brijendra Yadav 11/6/2014
WM268 Patran Analysis Manager Installation and Configuration  Manoj Khot 9/25/2014
WM266 MSC Nastran - MD Implicit (SOL400) Thermo-Mechanical Analysis Using SOL 400 Hrishikesh Phadke 7/17/2014
WM265 MSC Nastran Defining and Attaching External Super Elements Using Two Step Method Sachin Dani 9/11/2014
WM255 MSC Nastran & Fatigue Nastran Embedded Fatigue (NEF) – Capabilities and Applications Shripad Mungi 8/14/2014
WM254 Patran & MSC Nastran Contact Pair Modeling: New Approach to Contact Modeling Setup in Patran 2013 with MSC Nastran 2013.1 Joe Satkunananthan 6/19/2014
WM244 Marc & Mentat Bonora Damage Model Vinand Arabale 5/15/2014
WM240 Patran Patran Fringe Results Processing Vinay Kadambi 4/24/2014
WM238 Patran & MSC Nastran Bar/Beam Modeling Using Patran/MSC Nastran Bhoomi Gadhia 3/27/2014
WM235 Marc & Mentat Marc/Mentat Model Navigator Ehsan Mirnateghi 12/19/2013
WM234 MSC Nastran Body-to-Body Contact Checkout Tools Don Graff 12/12/2013
WM233 Marc & MSC FEA Super-Plastic Forming of High Specific Strength Aluminum Alloys Vinand Arabale 12/5/2013
WM232 Marc Marc Parallel Processing Setup and Configuration Mrutyunjaya Angadi & Sunil Gaikwad 11/14/2013
WM231 Adams & Easy5 Easy5 and Adams Co-Simulation Overview and Examples Rick Clanton 10/10/2013
WM229 MSC Nastran & Marc Failure Analysis of Composite Structures Zhong Qin 9/26/2013
WM228 MSC Nastran Introduction and Overview of MSC Nastran Embedded Fatigue Mark Carlson 9/12/2013
WM227 Adams Adams: A Quick Introduction to Adams/Chassis Yogesh Dhakare 8/29/2013
WM226 Patran  Patran Utilities: User Convenience at Hand Neeraj Mehta 8/22/2013
WM220 Adams Adams: Incorporating Flexibility Using ViewFlex Dave Riesland 6/27/2013
WM219 Marc/Mentat & MSC Nastran Marc Material Model, Part 1 Pei Gu 6/20/2013
WM217 Marc Segment To Segment Contact In Marc Kiranraj Shetty 6/6/2013
WM216 Sinda Radiation Using SindaRad And Advection In Sinda Shekhar Kanetkar 5/23/2013
WM214 MSC Nastran Beyond Eigenvalues And Eigenvectors Raviraj Bhosale 5/9/2013
WM210 Adams Adams: Getting Started With Adams/Solver Subroutines Kent West 4/4/2013
WM207 MSC Nastran Composite Ply Stress Recovery in Frequency Response Mohan Barbela 3/28/2013
WM206 Patran Quick Patran Display Tips and Tricks Edwin Goei 3/21/2013
WM205 MSC Nastran Aeroelastic Response Analysis In MSC Nastran Dean Bellinger 3/14/2013
WM204 Adams Rapid Flex Body Generation In Adams/View Using Adams/ViewFlex Sudhir Sampagaonkar 1/31/2013
WM200 MSC Nastran, Sinda Sinda Visio Office Toolkit and Thermal Studio Shekhar Kanetkar 12/13/2012
WM199 MSC Nastran Design Optimization Prafulla Kulkarni 12/6/2012
WM198 MSC Nastran MSC Nastran EXO-6 Utility Dominick Lauzon 11/29/2012
WM196 Adams Adams Driveline Joseph Little 11/15/2012
WM195 MSC Nastran & Patran Adaptive Time Stepping Procedures in Implicit Nonlinear Analysis Zhong Qin 10/18/2012
WM194 MSC Nastran Introduction to Flight Loads Sanjay Patel 10/4/2012
WM193 Sinda Sinda-Thermica for Space Craft and Ground Solar Heating Shekhar Kanetkar 9/13/2012
WM192 Easy5 Modeling Fluid Power Systems with Easy5 Rick Clanton 8/29/2012
WM190 MSC Nastran, Patran & Marc Crack Propagation Fatigue Soumik Chakrabarty 7/12/2012
WM188 Marc Marc User Subroutine Pei Gu 7/5/2012
WM172 MSC Nastran & Patran MSC Nastran Exterior Acoustics Jim He 6/21/2012
WM170 MSC Licensing MSC Licensing Sandeep Lokhande 6/14/2012
WM168 Marc & Mentat Hyperelastic Material Modeling and Characterization in Marc Fouad Hafiani 5/24/2012
WM167 MSC Nastran Use of Residual Vectors in Modal Solutions Don Graff 5/10/2012
WM164 MSC Nastran Advanced Thermal Analysis in MSC Nastran Using SOL400 Shekhar Kanetkar 4/26/2012
WM161 MSC Nastran & Adams Flexible Body (,mnf) Generation and Verification Using Adams and MSC Nastran Sidhar Sampagonkar 3/29/2012
WM158 MSC Nastran MSC Nastran Linear Buckling Jim He 3/15/2012
WM157 MSC Nastran MSC Nastran - N is for Nonlinear as in SOL400 Shekhar Kanetkar 3/1/2012
WM156 Adams Adams/Insight Kent West 3/2/2012
WM155 MSC Nastran Model Checks for Dynamic Analysis Don Graff 2/2/2012
WM154 MSC Nastran MSC Nastran Dynamic Solution Setup and Result Processing Using Patran John Lee 12/15/2011
WM151 Adams Adams/Solver Function Expression Tips, Tricks and Resources Walter Daniel 12/8/2011
WM148 Marc Marc Adaptive Mesh Refinement Apurav Sharma 11/14/2011
WM147 MSC Nastran MSC Nastran User Fatal Message 9050 - Excessive Pivot Ratios Huy Pham 11/1/2011
WM144 MSC Nastran An Introduction to Virtual Mass Analysis Using MSC Nastran Ananth Joisa 10/14/2011
WM142 SimAcademy Webinars SimAcademy Webinar Series Jeff Graff 10/4/2011
WM140 MSC Nastran & Patran MSC Nastran Dynamic Solution Setup and Result Processing Using Patran Sanjay Patel 9/29/2011
WM134 Fatigue Total Life and Crack Initiation in MSC Fatigue Vivek Bhardwaj 8/31/2011
WM131 Adams Tire Models Comparison, Basic Theory, and Usage Scenario Discussion Using Adams Joseph Little 8/23/2011
WM128 MSC Nastran Restart in MSC Nastran Prafulla Kulkarni 8/17/2011
WM123 Adams & Easy5 Adams: Integrating Control Systems from MATLAB and Easy5 with Adams Kent West 8/10/2011
WM122 Sinda Advanced Thermal Modeling Tools for Aerospace, Automotive and Green Energy Applications Ron Behee 7/25/2011
WM119 Adams Adams: Contacts Overview, Best Practices and Tips Walter Daniel 6/30/2011
WM118 Fatigue Introduction to Fatigue Analysis using MSC Fatigue Software Joe Satkunananthan 6/9/2011
WM117 Patran Introduction to Patran PCL Programming Chris Hofmann 5/26/2011
WM116 MSC Nastran & Patran Introduction to Finite Element Analysis for University Course and Research Donald Christensen 5/5/2011
WM115 Adams Academic: Introduction To Adams/Car For Formula SAE Joseph Little 4/14/2011
WM114 MSC Nastran & Easy5 Interface Elements Using MSC Nastran Huy Pham 3/24/2011
WM112 MSC Nastran & Patran Academic: Integration Of MSC PATRAN With CAD Packages Edwin Goei 3/17/2011
WM111 MSC Nastran Shock Spectrum Analysis Mohan Barbela 3/10/2011
WM109 MSC Nastran & Patran Topology Optimization Using MSC Nastran / Patran Sanjay Patel 2/15/2011
WM108 Adams Academic: Getting Started Building Models In Adams/View Kent West 2/17/2011
WM107 MSC Nastran Academic: Flutter Analysis Using MSC Nastran Dean Bellinger 2/10/2011
WM106 Adams Working With Adams/Car Templates Rishikesh Mokashi  4/1/2010
WM105 SimXpert What Is SimXpert - Templates Dominick Lauzon 11/18/2010
WM104 Patran Patran’s Utilities Menu Darrel Sinclair 10/22/2010
WM103 MSC Nastran MSC Nastran Multi-Physics Simulations Daniel Chu 10/28/2010
WM102 MSC Nastran & Patran An Introduction to Buckling Analysis Using MSC Nastran and MSC Patran Ananth Joisa 10/05/2010
WM101 MSC Nastran & Patran FRF, FBA, and TPA Capability in MSC Nastran 2010 Vivek Bhardwaj 10/14/2010
WM99 MSC Nastran MD Nastran Thermal Enhancements Daniel Chu 9/23/2010
WM98 MSC Nastran Restart in MSC Nastran, Dynamic and Non-Linear Analysis Using MSC Nastran Prafulla Kulkarni 9/2/2010
WM96 MSC Nastran A Review of Splining for Aero-Structure Coupling in Aeroelastic Solutions Jack Castro 9/16/2010
WM95 MSC Nastran FSI Simulation Using MSC Nastran - SOL700 Vijay Tunga 8/26/2010
WM91 Marc & Mentat Marc Global-Local Analysis Zhong Qin 8/5/2010
WM89 Adams Vibration Analysis of Full Dynamic Systems Using Adams Juan Lopez de Alda 6/29/2010
WM88 Adams Adams/Solver Integrator Settings: Achieving Robust, Converged Solution Walter Daniel 7/22/2010
WM85 MSC Nastran MSC Nastran Performance Tricks Mike Wong 7/1/2010
WM79 MSC Nastran & Patran FEA Model Checking Using Patran and MSC Nastran John Parady 6/17/2010
WM76 Dytran Fluid Structure Interaction With Dytran Pedro Chou 6/24/2010
WM75 Patran MSC Explore: A Tool for Post Processing Results Data for Big Models Across Multiple Load Cases Mohan Barbela 5/27/2010
WM74 Patran - Marc & Mentat Tips and Tricks: Troubleshooting Marc/SOL600 Models Pedro Chou 5/20/2010
WM73 MSC Nastran & Patran Finite Element Analysis in Aircraft Structure Design Jim Swan, John Parady & Hanson Chang 6/3/2010
WM70 Patran Patran Customization: Tailoring Your Patran Work Environment Darrel Sinclair 4/29/2010
WM66 SimXpert SimXpert_FiberSIM Link for a Composite Panel Analysis Philippe Portal 7/8/2010
WM65 Marc, Mentat, & MSC Nastran Simulate Composite Damage and Delamination Using Marc and MSC Nastran Kim Parnell 4/22/2010
WM59 MSC Nastran MSC Nastran Multipoint Constraint Equations (MPC and Rigid Element Applications) Glenn Grassi 5/13/2010
WM56 Patran Results Post Processing Using Patran (Part 1 of 2 Parts) Greg Brooks 4/8/2010
WM55 MSC Nastran How to Validate a CMS External Superelement Don Graff 3/25/2010
WM54 Patran - Marc & Mentat Marc Contact Analysis and the Corresponding Effective Parameter Settings Pei Gu 3/11/2010
WM53 MSC Nastran & Patran Nastran Glued Contact: Leveraging MSC Nastran Technology to Expedite Mesh Assemblies and Integrate Global-Local Analysis Dominick Lauzon  12/3/2009
WM51 Adams All About Flexible Bodies in Adams Chris Davidson 3/16/2010
WM50 MSC Nastran & Patran Introduction to MSC Flightloads for Doublet Lattice Aeroelastic Analysis Jack Castro 3/18/2010
WM43 MSC Nastran & Patran Pre-Stressed Normal Modes Analysis Using Patran and MSC Nastran Donald Christensen 2/18/2010
WM28 Marc & Mentat Composites Capabilities in Marc Zhong Qin 2/11/2010
WM27 MSC Nastran Generic Method for Summing Loads About an Arbitrary Point Using Nastran Monitor Points Dean Bellinger 1/28/2010
WM20 Simufact.forming  Academic: Using Simufact.forming, Powered by Marc and Dytran for Metal Forming Simulations in Courses and Research. Arjaan Buijk 2/4/2010
WM19 Adams Gaining Efficiency Using Adams/View Scripting, Logic and Macros Kent West 12/10/2009
WM18 Patran Patran CAE Solid Modeler: Leveraging Parametric Information from Imported CAD Solids Dominick Lauzon 11/19/2009
WM17 Adams Academic: Vehicle Engineering With Adams Akshay Sheorey 1/7/2010
WM16 MSC Nastran & Patran Nastran GPFORCE/Freebody Plots in Patran Huy Pham 11/12/2009
WM13 SimDesigner Workbench edition What’s New in SimDesigner R4 Release  Sunil Tahilramani 10/2/2009
WM11 MSC Nastran & Patran Academic: Using MSC Nastran and Patran For FEA in Courses and Research Paul Kastle 11/19/2009
WM10 Easy5 Modeling Fluid Power Systems With Easy5 Rick Clanton 10/29/2009
WM8 Adams Academic: Using Adams in University Courses and Research Involving Kinematics and Dynamics Jim Ryan 9/3/2009
WM7 MSC Nastran & Patran Learn About Optimization Using MSC Nastran and Patran Sanjay Patel 9/10/2009
WM6 Patran Learn About Advanced Patran Meshing Techniques  Edwin Goei 8/27/2009
WM5 MSC Nastran & Patran Perform Random Analysis Using MSC Random Mohan Barbela 8/20/2009
WM4 Marc & Mentat Apply Local Adaptive Meshing for Improved Nonlinear Analysis Joe Satkunananthan 8/13/2009
WM3 Adams Create Smarter Adams/View Models Through Parametrics Kent West 8/6/2009
WM2 MSC Nastran & Patran Defining And Using Superelements in MSC Nastran and Patran Vivek Bhardwaj  10/15/2009
WM1 Marc & Mentat Academic: Using Marc in University Courses and Research Involving Nonlinear Mechanics Dan Wolf 10/8/2009



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