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DMP with SOL 103

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Status:    Published
Published date:    04/23/2015
Updated:    06/29/2015
Reported In:   MSC Nastran - MSC Nastran - Standard (SOL 1 through 200)

Abstract (Question)


  • Distributed Memory Parallel ( DMP ) is using multiple processors either on the same computer or on multiple computers.
  • Limit the number of DMP processes to the number of sockets on the computers being used.
  • DMP works with SMP.
  • DMP helps ACMS more than Lanczos

Description (Answer)


Below is a chart for various models with varying number of DMP processors. Performance improvement varies.

In general, the work done in Parallel for SOL 103 is the decomposition.

Job N dof N 2-D elements N 3-D elementes N Roots
xx1bmd0 8,627,970 31,838 1,526,072 536
xx0wmd0 3,799,278 704,415 211,596 1221
xx0smd0 2,317,136   402,013 6
xx0bmd0 1,186,521 244,454 0 50


DMP parallel is activated with dmp=n on the command line. Where "n" is the number of CPUs


  • SOL 103 cannot use "n" on the EIGRL, but needs a V1 and V2.
  • Queing systems like PBS/LSF/SunGridengine will need to pass host names to Nastran for multihost runs.


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