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MSC Apex Harris Hawk Product Release

Product Updates ID    PUD9529
Status:    Published
Published date:    02/15/2018
Updated:    02/15/2018
Reported In:   MSC Apex
Created with Version:   MSC Apex (Harris Hawk)


We are pleased to announce the release of MSC Apex Harris Hawk!

What's new in MSC Apex Harris Hawk

The MSC Apex Harris Hawk release has many new innovative features that will allow you to edit geometry and finite element meshes in more ways, model composite materials, and perform additional analysis capabilities. In parallel, we have also continued to enhance the application existing functionality to broaden the range of addressable workflows.

New features:

  • Composite Materials
    • Ply Layup Definition for Composite Panels
    • 2D Orthotropic Materials
    • Automatic Creation of Zones within Panels
    • Specific Failure Criteria
    • Core Sample Tool to Display Ply Composition
  • Buckling Analysis:
    • Static Pre-Stiffening
  • Static Analysis:
    • Support for multiple static events
    • Updated interface for load and constraint assignment
  • Surface Extend Improvements:
    • User defined control of Surface flattening sensitivity
    • User defined control of planar surface alignment sensitivity
  • Hex Meshing Enhancements
    • Mesh editing and deletion at a cell level
    • Hex-mesh washer on holes with straight and consistent diameter
    • Assign materials to solid cells
    • Merge solids as cells
  • Apex - Patran / Nastran Interoperability Improvements:
    • Run-ready export of Analysis Scenarios
    • Full Support of Case Control for all simulation types
  • Usability and Enhancements:
    • Mesh topology display enhancements
    • Transform manipulator enhancements
    • 3D Viewport and Model Browser picking in Post Processing
  • Mesh Tie Enhancements:
    • Editing of tied geometry is now supported
    • Ability to create a tie connection on a wire body
  • Scripting Enhancements:
    • Additional APIs

For more information, please refer to the MSC Apex Release Guide.

MSC Apex Harris Hawk is available for download at the Solution Download Center:



Installation Instructions

See the MSC Apex Harris Hawk Installation Guide

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