MSC Software Announces Release of Patran 2012.2.1

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Status:    Published
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Updated:    07/20/2016
Reported In:   Fatigue
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MSC Software is pleased to announce the release of 2012.2.1 versions of Patran, FEA, AFEA, TFEA and MSC Fatigue, to provide several defect corrections to the 2012.2 versions. These corrections enhance Patran’s usability and help you achieve more from your simulations. Some key corrections/improvements include:

  • Attachment of large result files including XDB files output by MSC Nastran (> 5 Gb) and .t16 files created by Marc
  • Improved CAD support and import of STEP file
  • Improved MSC Nastran writer, with additional and fixed keywords and fields for composite materials
Additionally, documentation has also been improved to provide more information on some capabilities of Patran 2012.2. A complete list of defects corrected in this release is available on SimCompanion at the following link.
Thank you for being a user of Patran, and look forward to your feedback on this release.
Patran Product Team