Patran 2011 Release Highlights

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Status:    Published
Published date:    09/07/2011
Updated:    07/10/2014
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The new release of Patran continues to improve its support of latest solver capabilities. Patran 2011 delivers enhancements to MSC Fatigue and Sinda providing an easy to use, integrated environment for structural, thermal and fatigue analysis.
For more information on the new features in Patran 2011, please listen to the On-Demand webcast at
Please refer to the Release Guide for a detailed review of the capabilities in this release.
Here is a list of some of the enhancements in this release:
  •  Introduction of DTLIB based spot-weld, seam-weld, hybrid loading and duty cycle modules.
  •  Graphical interface updated with the introduction of ‘Durability’ icon ribbons for ease of use
  • Aero heating-Aero flux and Aero convection load support for time or temperature-spatial tables.
    • Convection coefficient – time or temperature table
    • Spatial field – any valid Patran field (PCL function, Tabular input, General, FEM)
    • Real or Parametric coordinate systems
  • Updated link to MSC Thermica Version 4
  • Various SuperModel capabilities are now integrated into Patran to provide you with a unified interface
    • Modeling: Load tools, Properties import, Property data plots, mass property management, model contents, element quick create
    • Results: Barc/spring force moment, bar end loads, max-min sort, shear panel plots
Solver Support
  • Abaqus: Direct Results Access now supports Abaqus odb file up to Abaqus version 6.10
  • ANSYS: Direct Results Access supports ANSYS results file up to version 12
 Analysis Manager
  • Updated to better deal with heavy network loads on Windows
  • Support for Windows 7 and Vista
  • Numerous issues identified in the earlier releases have been addressed
Thank you for your continued support of Patran!