Patran 2010.2 Release Highlights

News ID    PN58
Status:    Published
Published date:    06/06/2011
Updated:    07/10/2014
Reported In:   Patran


The new release of Patran 2010.2 continues on the path of delivering ease of use and performance to customers, while improving support for MSC’s Marc and Nastran solvers, helping users achieve higher productivity.

For more information on the new features in Patran 2010.2, please listen to the On-Demand webcast at
Please refer to the Release Guide for a detailed review of the capabilities in this release.
Here is a list of some of the enhancements in this release:
MD Nastran and MSC Nastran Solver Support
·         Implicit Nonlinear Analysis: Improved support to enhance usability and productivity
o   Improved Load Step/Subcase designation
o   Contact: Improved support for contact body and contact table definitions for Nastran saving you time in analysis set up.
o   Composites: Improved support for shell and 3D solid composite elements in Nastran
·         New Nastran DRA Capabilities
o   New direct results access (DRA) capability which supports MD Nastran SOL 400 and includes several results access upgrades. This includes support for:
§ MD Nastran solid shell, 2D axi-symmetric and plane strain large strain element support
§ Contact body master-slave control via alphanumeric name ordering
§ Improved convergence control for linear contact using NLPARM
These enhancements improve both pre- and post-processing experience in Patran and help you get more information from the finite element analysis.
Marc Preference Enhancements
·         Support for 2 new solvers (MUMPS and PARDISO) introduced in Marc 2010: Users can now take full advantage of the multi-core systems to achieve faster run times and more importantly at no additional software cost.
·         Improved preprocessing support for 2D adaptive mesh models, helping users address problems of seal compression and metal forming more accurately reducing reliance on trial and error methods.
General Enhancements
·         Improved sorting capability implemented impacting neutral file import and export and element verification, duplication and equivalence. These operations can be up to 80 times faster compared to Patran 2010. The speed-up benefits all users by improving their productivity.
·         Numerous issues identified in the earlier releases have been addressed