Announcing the MSC Product Documentation Center

News ID    PN260
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/12/2021
Updated:    05/27/2021


We are pleased to announce the release of our brand new Product Documentation Center (PDC), where we have reassembled content for consistency across all products and made it easier to read, search, and navigate across all products.

We have created an introduction video highlighting the functionality of the PDC:

                    Click here to play the video


Some of the benefits of the PDC are:

  • Consistency: All product documentation sets within the PDC are consistent in appearance and functionality (regardless of authoring tool) with a modern look-and-feel.
  • Easy online access: We have consolidated all documentation into one structured source allowing you to reach your documentation destination in fewer clicks. Hence, there is no more jumping from one SimCompanion article to another to open PDF files..
  • Engagement Action Bar: This action bar allows you perform a variety of functions from any topic page.

  • Responsive Design: Portal automatically adjusts for phones, tablets, and computer screens so the customers get the best viewing experience.


  • Informative Breadcrumbs: When browsing the left panel menu displays the table of contents. With the presence of informative breadcrumbs, you will never be lost in the content.

  • Responsive Search: The portal has highly-tuned full text search capabilities across all content with personalized search and dynamic suggestions.

  • Langauge Selection: You can select some of the documents in different languages. If the translated version is not available and you select a defferent language, the text will be displayed in English.


Accessing Content in PDC

Much of the content on the PDC is available without logging in, but logging in with your MSC Customer credentials will grant you access to additional customer-only content and give you the ability to use the personalized features of the site.  These personalized features include personalized search preferences, MyDocs functionality where you can select content to be included in personalized documentation collections that can easily be viewed and printed to PDF, and the ability to add content to a watch list where you can be notified of changes to content. 

Note: This is the Phase I of the launch, whereby documentation of six product lines (Actran, CFD Solutions, Romax, SimManager, Simufact, and VTD) are not yet available in the PDC. We will include these products in our Phase II rollout later in 2021.

Archived Documentation

  • The PDC contains documentation from version 2020 and later.
  • Earlier versions are available directly in SimCompanion.

Share Feedback

As you use the PDC, please send us your feedback by either:

We hope you enjoy using the new PDC, and look forward to providing you with easier access to all MSC Documentation.