What's New in VTD 2021.1

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Status:    Published
Published date:    04/20/2021
Updated:    04/21/2021
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Created with Version:   Virtual Test Drive (2021.1)



About VTD 2021.1 Release

The latest release of VTD 2021.1 embraces the ASAM OpenSCENARIO 1.0 and provides support for latest operating systems, and cutting-edge graphics cards. 

Note: With a continued focus on, enabling simulation-based insight for ADAS/Autonomous; VTD has moved to a quarterly release cadence. Customers can now benefit from more frequent updates throughout the year.

VTD 2021.1 Release Highlights

Some of the major highlights include:

Embraces OpenSCENARIO 1.0

OpenSCENARIO defines the file format for the description of dynamic content for simulation. It describes complex, synchronized maneuvers that involve multiple entities like vehicles, pedestrians and other traffic participants. This important improvement includes:

  • OpenSCENARIO Container Elements:
    • Allows users to group elements in the scenario on different levels
    • Users can control all group elements in scenario building
  • ​Setting the Environment: Defining the environment either at the start or during the simulation.
  • Storyboard Stop Trigger: Possible to stop the complete simulation when defined conditions are met.
  • Act Start & Stop Triggers: When desired conditions are met, a group of maneuvers defined in a certain act can be either started or stopped, leaving the rest of the simulation untouched.

VtdApi Ubuntu 20.04 Support

  • The VTDApi offers a convenient C++ interface to control and interact with VTD simulations via RDB, SCP and SharedMemory.
  • VTD is fully compatible with system library versions that come with Ubuntu 20.04.

Importing International Traffic Sign (U.S)

  • Traffic Sign Converter: Arbitrary traffic sign to VTD traffic sign.
  • Traffic Sign Converter enables accurate interpretation of USA traffic sign from OpenDRIVE file in VTD.
  • Enables easy utilization of country-specific (U.S) OpenDRIVE files with traffic signs in VTD.

NVIDIA GeForce RTX 30 Series Support

  • With the new GeForce RTX 30 Series, NVIDIA added an update to their drivers requiring an update to VTD's OptiX Raytracing Engine for VTD 2021.1.

Autonomous Pedestrians

  • VTD enables the set of pedestrians to move in autonomous mode providing more realistic visualization in an interactive scenario.
  • It is now possible to place 50+ pedestrians around the ego.
  • Pedestrians have the bounding box information based on OpenDRIVE helping them navigate their path to a given destination without colliding with other pedestrians and obstacles such as benches, traffic lights, etc.

Ghost Driver Performance Improvement

  • Ghost Driver (Traffic Simulation) adds an idle mode of operation, where it does not process any data and just passes the data to TaskControl to guarantee operation of VTD.
  • It means that traffic logic in VTD can be disabled when all vehicles are controlled by a customer specific logic.
  • This saves a lot of processing time and allows customers to write their own, or use another traffic simulation without losing performance.


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