What's New in Simufact Forming 2021

News ID    PN255
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/06/2021
Updated:    04/06/2021
Reported In:   Simufact
Created with Version:   Simufact (2021) (Simufact Forming)



MSC Software is pleased to announce the release of Simufact Forming 2021!

The latest version of the Simufact metal forming simulation solution offers tremendous improvements in software speed, stability and ease of use, so that we claim this version is our fastest and most stable version ever!

Release Highlights:

The 5 top new features in Simufact Forming 2021 are:

  • New tetrahedral elements: New integrated elements that enable up to 2.8x times faster calculation speed.
  • Damage model assistance: Create and consider damage modelling to increase the accuracy of the simulation easier than ever.
  • New finite volume solver: Speeds up the bulk metal forming simulation by 1.5x times.
  • First approach to predict properties under loads: Basic capabilities for structure simulation in Simufact Forming 2021 for the first time, even enabling new process types to be simulated.
  • Result transfer to 3rd party products with MpCCI Mapper interface: Enabling data transfer from Simufact Forming 2021 to a 3rd party product to perform crash simulation or fatigue analysis, among other things.

Apart from these improvements, our product icons, the splash screen, and the product window within the software have also been modernized:

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