What's New in MSC SimManager 2021.1

News ID    PN254
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/30/2021
Updated:    03/30/2021
Reported In:   SimManager
Created with Version:   SimManager (2021.1)



MSC Software is proud to announce the availability of MSC SimManager 2021.1.

Note: The SimManager documentation is shipped with the product. Hence, the links mentioned below are relative to the path where SimManager is installed in your local machine.

Release Highlights

Some main highlights of the MSC SimManager 2021.1 release include the following:

  • Variant Management

    • New options (like Create Root Variant and Copy Models) added in "Create Variant"
    • The action "Create Variant" is available on Variant SOD or Simulation Generator will only have these options.
    • These options will not be enabled OOTB but can be enabled by updating UCL file
    • For details refer to: .../UsersGuide/AdministrationWorkspace/ConfigurationTasks/NewVariant-Customization
  • Update In SimProcess Schema

    • New option added to edit available.This option is available through Assemble and Simulate only(include individual,SubmitAll and MultiRun option.
    • These options will not be enabled OOTB but can be enabled by updating UCL file.
    • For details refer to:  .../ConfigurationGuide/AuthoringProcedures/ConstructingSimProcess/ControlActivities/ProcedureControl
  • OIDC (OpenIdConnect)

    • OpenIdConnect is available for SimManager.
    • In order to enable OIDC in SimManager, refer to: .../AdministrationGuide/AccessControlManagement/UserAuthentication/OpenIdConnect/OpenIdConnect.
  • Work Request Task

    • ​New condition added to change accessibility of task.Task should not be launchable if the release level or work request is 3 or if logged in user is not same of work request owner.
    • For details refer to: .../UsersGuide/MyWorkspace/WorkRequestManagement/WorkRequestSOD
  • SimulationGenerator IC APIs
    • Added a new service called StudyService to modify SimulationStudy through IC. For more details go through StudyService javadoc.
  • External Vault Service
    • External Vault Service allows streaming of files to/from external vaults directly, without having to be streamed through the main site first.
    • For details refer to:../MultiSiteGuide/ExternalVaultService

Quick References

  • What’s New Presentation (Coming Soon)
  • Download SimManager 2021.1 from the Software Download Center.
  • For support in leveraging the latest updates, please see SimCompanion or contact MSC Technical Support.