What's New in MSC Apex 2021.1

News ID    PN252
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/29/2021
Updated:    04/06/2021
Reported In:   MSC Apex
Created with Version:   MSC Apex (2021.1)



MSC Software is proud to announce the availability of MSC Apex 2021.1.

Release Highlights

Some main highlights of the MSC Apex 2021.1 release include:

  • Graphical User Interface (GUI): Enhancements to the Model Browser, better graphics updates when selecting items, and improved automatic location/orientation/construction markers, like on edges and fastener holes.
  • Geometry: Ability to import native geometry from CATIA 3DExperience.
  • Meshing: Enhancements to 2D surface meshing capability (forcing quad elements on all surface boundaries), better organic shape meshing, and a new “mesh diagnostics” interactive tool allowing the user to find out more info on what the meshing tool needs to create a successful mesh.
  • Interoperability Support (MSC Nastran): Variable 1D beam data mapping, spatially varying temperatures & pressures, Support for gap elements, SOL 111 Frequency Response support, support for anisotropic materials, and an all-new built-in material catalog.
  • Interoperability Support (Marc/Mentat): Native Marc/Mentat database export for nodes & elements from the Apex GUI using the Utilities menu.
  • Post-Processing: Enhanced SBMT Charting, Frequency Response enhancements, support for bushings and springs results, support for SOL 106/400 Static Nonlinear results.
  • Collaboration: New ability to import model data from one MSC Apex database into another.


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