What's New in Patran 2021.1

News ID    PN247
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/25/2021
Updated:    03/26/2021
Reported In:   Patran
Created with Version:   Patran (2021.1)



About Patran 2021.1 Release

MSC Software is proud to announce the availability of Patran 2021.1!

Note: With a continued focus on best-in-class solvers and unified workflows, Patran has moved to a quarterly release cadence so customers can benefit from more frequent updates throughout the year.

Patran 2021.1 Release Highlights

Some main highlights of the Patran 2021.1 include:

  • Updated Model Browser Tree with Contact Bodies & Contact Pairs

When working with large models with multiple contact bodies & contact pairs, users can now view and edit these contact bodies & contact pairs in the Model Browser tree.

  • Activate & De-Activate Entity Highlighting for Post-Processing

By default, entity highlighting has been disabled while post-processing, resulting in much better performance when rotating, panning, and zooming. The user can activate or deactivate the highlighting, as necessary while post-processing.

  • Post-Buckling Analysis of Imperfect Geometry

The MSC Nastran capability is now supported in Patran, so users can now easily take geometric imperfection into account during their analysis.

  • Keep Contact Body Integrity During Mesh Equivalence

A new functionality has been added in Patran to keep the contact bodies intact while fixing the internal cracks within bodies through the Meshing Equivalence operation.

  • OP2 to HDF5 Translator

To take advantage of the many benefits of using HDF5 (faster import, support for new Nastran functionality), any OP2 file accessed via Patran is now translated to an HDF5 file and accessed through the HDF5 attachment mechanism.

  • Results Application Updates

A mechanism to identify and extract all the Result Cases and corresponding Results from the HDF5 attachment has been added to the Results application.


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