What's New in Easy5 2021.1

News ID    PN244
Status:    Published
Published date:    03/25/2021
Updated:    03/26/2021
Reported In:   Easy5
Created with Version:   Easy5 (2021.1)



About Easy5 2021.1 Release

Easy5 2021.1 has several new features that will unlock user productivity and  enable better model building workflows.

Note: With a continued focus on enabling model based systems insight, Easy5 has moved to a quarterly release cadence so customers can benefit from more frequent updates throughout the year.

Easy5 2021.1 Release Highlights

Some main highlights of the Easy5 2021.1 include:

  • Dynamic Display of Simulation Outputs

This new feature allows you to view the values of variables and states in the Easy5 schematic as they are calculated by the model executable during an analysis. This is a way to monitor the progress of a simulation, in addition to the existing methods (Interactive Simulation components, Plot Monitor). While the simulation runs, the values of the names are displayed on the schematic. Displayed outputs may be added before or during the simulation.

  • Easy5 Expressions

Unconnected scalar inputs can now be assigned a value at initialization that is not a numerical constant by defining the input with an expression. Expressions may also define initial conditions and reference other initial conditions in the executable from an auxiliary input file.

  • Testing Schematic Components

To facilitate the construction and testing of Schematic Components (SC), a check-box labeled Test Only has been added to the Documentation/Configuration tab of the Component Data Table. This allows for a suite of components to be used to test the functioning of a model, but not be included in the final SC.

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