Announcing Patran 2010 Product Release

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Status:    Published
Published date:    11/11/2009
Updated:    07/23/2014
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We are pleased to inform you that the Patran 2010 release will be available for download this February.  In this release, you will find significant improvements in usability and performance that are aimed at providing Patran users with a better overall user experience.

Some of what you will receive in Patran 2010  include improved pre and post processing efficiency with a new Windows modernized user interface, performance, and extended modeling and solver solution capabilities for multidiscipline and multiphysics so users can run more event simulations using solvers like MD Nastran and Marc, while also continuing to interoperate with 3rd party solvers. 

Join our What’s New in Patran 2010  webinar on Thursday, November 19th.  Here are a few of the improvements you will hear about:

  • Modernized user interface that is customizable for your analysis needs
  • Usability improvements that enhance user experience and reduce time spent on model setup
  • Improved performance with 64-bit platform support. Gain immediate speed efficiencies for meshing operations when working with large complex models!  See benchmark results!
  • Extended solver support for multidiscipline and multiphysics analysis including contact and composites modeling
  • Open architecture for interfacing with 3rd party solvers and updated CAD access
  • Valuable feedback from Patran 2009 beta customers in terms of value gained with this release!
  • A look ahead to the Patran 2010 release features

Please be sure to register for the upcoming Patran 2010 What’s New Webcast on Thursday, November 19th.

Patran 2010 will be available for download this February at the MSC Solution Download Center, so please be sure to upgrade to this new release and see immediate benefits to your CAE analyses.