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2011 North Americas User Conference - Table of Contents

Conference & Tech Papers ID    PA49
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/24/2012
Updated:    07/11/2014


Article # Company Author Presentation Title
 PA2 Boeing Research & Technology
Frank Doerner
The Future for Advanced Structural Materials & Computational Design
 PA3 Litens Automotive
Steve Jia, Ph.D, M.Sc., B.Sc., B.Law, P.Eng
Virtual Product Development at Litens
 PA4 Lockheed Martin
Christopher Oster
Evolving Lockheed Martin's Engineering Practices Through the Creation of a Model-Centric Digital Tapestry
Volvo Car Corporation
Magnus Andreasson/ Andrzej Pietrzyk Element Level Optmisation in Nastran- Application to NVH Issues in Vehicle Body
PA6 Yuma Engineering S.C.
Fernando von Raesfeld Fabre
Roll Forming Virtual Process
Baker Hughes
Dr. Goang-Ding Shyu
Incorporating Design of Experiments & Optimization in Downhole Equipment Development for Superior Results
PA8 MSC Software/
TI Automotive/
Vijay Tunga/
Igor Demin
Fuel Tank Sloshing Analysis Utilizing MSC Dytran
PA31 Simufact Dr. Gary Huang Enhancing Metal Forming Simulation Capabilities with Marc
PA32 Sigmadyne, Inc. Dr. Victor Genberg
Using the DRESP3 to Improve Multidisciplinary Optimization
MSC Software
Doug Malcolm
The Prediction of Flutter Using Advanced Fluid-Structure Interaction & the OpenFSI Interface
MSC Software
John Yan
An Initial Evaluation of the XFlow Lattice Boltzmann Method as Applied to the FR4 Aircraft
Baker Hughes Incorporated
Dr. Mohan Soni
Modeling of Hydraulic Transients in Deep Sea Control Valves
Alson E. Hatheway Inc.
Alson Hatheway
Linking a Laser & an Optical Imager to a Gyro's Axis of Rotation in MSC Nastran
PA40 MSC Software
Dr. P.R. Pamidi
FRF/FBA Analysis of a Generic Automobile Model
Lockheed Martin Aeronautics Company
Scott Malaznik
Thermal Stress Analysis of a High Speed Aircraft Wing Box
TATA Consultancy Services Limited
Chinmaya Panda
Progressive Ply Failure Analysis of Laminated Composite Structures - An Analytical Approach
PA44 Mecaer America Inc. Ali A. Yazdani A Comparison of the Predicted Margins of Safety of Structural Parts using Conventional Stress Methods & Finite Element Analysis
PA45 DHL Consulting Daron H. Libby Integrating Patran with CSR Software for Large Ship Strength Assessment
PA46 University of Michigan
Nick Vlahopoulos Interior Noise Aircraft Computations Using the Energy Finite Element Analysis
PA47 MIT Lincoln Laboratory
David Crompton Application of the Permanent Glued Contact Capability to Detailed Adhesive Joint Models
PA48 NVIDIA Dr. Srinivas Kodiyalam
GPU Computing for Multidiscipline Engineering Simulations
PA9 NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Dr. Brian Trease
Dynamic Modeling & Soil Mechanics for Path Planning of Marc Exploration Rovers
PA10 Meritor Inc. Dr. Ragnar Ledesma
Designing Anti-Lock Braking Systems for Commerical Vehicles Using Sliding Mode Control & an Adaptive Nonlinear Observer 
Volvo Car Corporation
Lars Börjesson
Full Vehicle Start & Stop Vibration Analysis Using MSC Adams/Car
PA12 John Hopkins Applied Physics Lab
Marc Briere
Dynamic Modeling & Stability Behavior of a Subscale Lander Using MSC Adams
PA13 Hendrickson Commercial Vehicle Systems
Dr. James Patterson
Multi-Body Dynamics Model of Long Combination Vehicle

PA14 MSC Software
Casey Heydari
Nastran Explicit Solver - SOL 700
PA15 California Polytechnic State University
Dr. Xi Wu
Practical Considerations for Transient & FFT Analyses of Planetary Gears Using ADAMS
PA16 Kettering University
Dr. Basem Alzahabi
The Role of Simulation in Engineering Education
PA17 Draper Laboratory Bernard Antkowiak Creating Reduced Order Thermal State-Space Models From MSC Nastran Finite Element Models
Dr. Lin Liao
Application of MSC NASTRAN in Modeling & Analysis of 3D Truss Structures
PA19 HPC Advisory Council
Gilad Shainer
The Effect of HPC Clusters Architecture on MSC Nastran Performance
PA20 Clemson Bioengineering Dept. Scott Wood Structural Modeling of Vascular Smooth Muscle Cell Mechanics Using Marc

PA21 Stanford University
Dr. Stephen Tsai
Advantages of Homogenized Composite Laminates
PA22 Sigmadyne, Inc.
Dr. Victor Genberg
Integrating MSC Nastran with Optical Performance Analysis
PA23 e-Xsteam Engineering
Roger Assaker
Efficient Nonlinear Multi-scale Modeling of Composite Structures
PA24 Red Cedar Technology
Nate Chase
Optimization of a Composite Aircraft Structural Components
PA25 Raytheon SAS
Dr. Fred Palmieri
Multiple Modes Miles Equation
PA26 MSC Software
Donald Simmons
Air Shut-Off Value Vibration Analysis Using MSC Fatigue

Olivier Schreiber
MD Nastran on Advanced SGI Architectures
 PA28 Bombardier Aerospace
Emil Suciu
The T-Tail Flutter Mechanism Revisited
 PA29 ATK Aerospace Systems
Cengize Koont
A Global-Local Approach for Free Body Reaction Analysis of Frame Subassemblies Modeled Using MSC/ Nastran Beam Elements
 PA30 Aerospace Engineer
Joseph Bales-Kogan
Global/Local Method & its Applications to Systems Models

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