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Comparison of non-linear deformation between ADAMS/Flex and ABAQUS.

Conference & Tech Papers ID    PA422
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/26/2017
Updated:    07/26/2017
Reported In:   Adams


Amarendra Joshi, Todd McDevitt, Mechanical Dynamics, Inc. 11 October 2001


Do you have an example of how ADAMS/Flex captures non-linear deformations? I am also an ABAQUS user, How comparable are the results given by both software for non-linear deformations?

ADAMS/Flex can capture the non-linear deformations by splitting the component into multiple flexible bodies. To demonstrate this capability of ADAMS we consider the classical 'spin up' problem and compare the results with those given by ABAQUS for the same problem. Please refer to the MS-Word or .pdf document provided for a full description of the problem and results. Also provided are the files needed to reconstruct the problem in both ADAMS and ABAQUS.

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