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Automotive Truck Haulaway and Railcar Shipping Simulation

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Status:    Published
Published date:    05/24/2017
Updated:    05/24/2017
Reported In:   Adams


Hyung-joo Hong, Nikolai Moshchuk; General Motors


Technical Paper

Most automobiles and light trucks are shipped to the dealers either on Haulaway trucks or on  rail  cars.    During  shipping  the  automobiles  are  subjected  to  dynamics  loads  and accelerations.  During shipping tie down chain loads are imparted to the vehicle frame or body.  Various components see substantial acceleration levels which in turn may result in significant  loading  to  some  of  the  structural  components.    In  additionmotion  of  the restrain  vehicle  is  sometimes  of  interest  to  determine  if  enough  clearance  is  allowed  for car motion with respect to upper level and overall height restrictions. This paper describes our experiences in analytically simulating motion and load behavior of a car on both Truck Haulaway  and  Railcar  shipping  simulators  using  ADAMS.  This  paper  also  discusses details  of  tie  down  chain  loadsmotion  envelope  of  shipping  vehiclesand  durability assessments of some chassis parts under the shipping conditions.

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