EASY5 Installer hangs during installation

Issues ID    KI8008755
Status:    Published
Published date:    12/22/2017
Updated:    09/11/2020
Reported In:   Easy5 - EASY5
Created with Version:   Easy5 (2020)

Known Issue

During EASY5 installation, the installer program hangs at the point at which it says it is creating program and user registry keys. Installer must be manually killed using Task Manager.



During the install process, the installer writes new information to the Windows Registry. Once that information is written, it then requests that all running programs re-read the registry. The installer then waits until it has confirmation from those other programs that they have re-read the registry before the installer proceeds with the installation. If one of the open programs experiences a problem and doesn't confirm the re-read of the registry back to the EASY5 installer, it will appear that the EASY5 installer is hung when in reality it is still waiting.

Internet Explorer is particularly prone to causing this issue.


Once the installer hangs, the only option is to manually kill the installer using Task Manager.

You can avoid this issue by running the installer from an admin Windows command shell with the argument –NOREFRESH.  For example,

easy5_2020_windows64.exe –NOREFRESH

Then reboot.


The solution is to make sure you have quit ALL running programs before installing EASY5. Furthermore, simply looking for open windows is not sufficient. You will also need to check the Task Manager for rogue processes. Internet Explorer is particularly bad about leaving rogue processes running even after the program has been "closed". All of these rogue processes need to be killed before attempting the installation of EASY5.  If this cannot be done, try the -NOREFRESH workaround above.

This defect is being tracked by the following report:

 ESY-4074: Easy5 2020 Windows Installer Hangs during Registry Edit Step


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