Known issue: Some of the menus are missing from Fossa User Interface.

Issues ID    KI8008718
Status:    Published
Published date:    05/17/2017
Updated:    11/03/2017
Reported In:   MSC Apex - Modeler
  MSC Apex - Structures
Created with Version:   MSC Apex (Fossa)

Known Issue

Due to windows security update on May 9th, 2017 time frame functionality of MSC Apex Fossa has been impacted.


SYMPTOM: Some of the menus are missing from Fossa User Interface.


RESOLUTION: You can resolve the issue by: 

- Reinstalling the updated installer of MSC Apex Fossa from Solution Download Center
- Applying a Hotfix to your existing installed version of MSC Apex Fossa
MSC Apex Fossa Hotfix 1 installer will patch your current MSC Apex Fossa version (Build Version: CLR:445650 , Release Date: 10/24/2016) and update the Release Date to : 5/16/2017. Build Version and Release Date information are available in the product under Help/About

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