EASY5 installer complains Intel Fortran is not installed when it is not needed

Issues ID    KI8008606
Status:    Published
Published date:    02/04/2016
Updated:    02/04/2016
Reported In:   Easy5 (2015 (9.1)) - EASY5
Environment:   x86-64 (AMD64 and EM_64T) - Windows 7 x32
  x86-64 (AMD64 and EM_64T) - Windows 7 x64

Known Issue

When installing EASY5 2015, I told it to use the GNU MinGW compiler, but it then complained that I did not have Intel Fortran installed. Why does it need Intel Fortran when I want to use GNU?


This is a known issue in the EASY5 2015 installer. The Intel compiler checking logic is being mistakenly invoked when the GNU MinGW is selected.

If you choose the GNU MinGW compiler, you do NOT need Intel Fortran installed as well.


When you get to the white Intel Fortran dialog, select NO and then in the black compiler selection tell it GNU MinGW and CONTINUE.


This issue has been fixed in the latest version of EASY5.

It is being tracked by defect ESY-1615: Easy5 64-bit Installer Inconsistency

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