Exporting EASY5 model as generic DLL or FMU fails without error message

Issues ID    KI8008466
Status:    Published
Published date:    12/18/2013
Updated:    04/10/2019
Reported In:   Easy5 - EASY5
Created with Version:   Easy5 (2018 (11.0))

Known Issue

When trying to export an EASY5 model as an FMU or generic DLL, it fails. Looking in the easy5_build.log file, it gives the following:

-- [10:38:37] Model generation completed successfully.
-- [10:38:37] Begin EASY5 external interface executable generation phase...
** ** [10:38:39]: local - Errors during execution of export process

but no other information is given about what went wrong. Looking through the other log files also gives no indication about what might have gone wrong.




This is indicative of a missing environment variable called "HOME" that is used by the EASY5 exporting script. When it can't find the environment variable, it aborts the script execution.


The solution to this problem is to create an environment variable called


and set it to the location of the Windows user profile directory.
For Windows XP this is usually    C:\Documents and Settings\<username>
For Windows 7 or 10 this is usually    C:\Users\<username>  

 where <username> is the user's login name.