EASY5 Analysis results in error but no error message

Issues ID    KI8008427
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/11/2013
Updated:    07/11/2014
Reported In:   Easy5 (2010.1.4 (8.2.4)) - EASY5
  Easy5 (2010 (8.2.0)) - EASY5
  Easy5 (2010 SP2 (2010.1.2)) - EASY5
  Easy5 (2010 SP3 (2010.1.3)) - EASY5

Known Issue

I am running EASY5 2010.x  on 64-bit Windows. I am compiling the model using Intel Fortran, and can compile and link the model just fine.  However, when I go to run an analysis, I get the following error message:

Begin analysis execution phase...

Errors occurred during analysis execution phase

local - Errors during analysis

Analysis has stopped before completion (see Output Listing or Log for possible errors)

When I try to look in the Analysis Output Listing File, it is completely blank. What's the problem?



The solution here is to download the Microsoft Visual C++ 2005 Service Pack 1 Redistributable Package MFC Security Update which can be found here:

You'll need to download the version called  "vcredist_x64.EXE" which is the 64-bit version.

NOTE: If you are running on Windows 7, be sure to save the update to disk, then right click on the installer and select "Run as Administrator"-- otherwise the installation may not be complete.

NOTE: You should not need to reinstall EASY5.


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