Known Issue: Plant Communication Error during Co-simulation with Adams 2012 on Win64 machine

Issues ID    KI8008249
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/24/2012
Updated:    07/11/2014
Reported In:   Adams (2012) - Adams/Controls

Known Issue

Is there a Known Issue regarding co-simulation not working with Adams 2012 on 64-bit Windows machines? 


The Adams/Controls installation on Windows 64-bit machines will not function as expected in co-simulation mode because a file is missing from the installation.

Preferred Solution:

This issue has been fixed in Adams 2012.1.2 and later. It is suggested to install one of these later versions of Adams if possible. If this is not possible, see the workaround below:


To fix this problem please download the attached library file named adams_plant.mexw64 (from Adams 2011, but works with Adams 2012) and install it in the directory: 


This assumes that your Adams installation resides in the directory above. If not, find the equivalent location on your own machine and place the attached adams_plant.mexw64 file in there.


 - Adams 2012 on Windows 32-bit machines is working as expected; this article applies only to 64-bit installations of Adams.

- This issue is being tracked by defect ADMS-13875

Keywords: plant, communication, error, co-simulation, matlab, win64



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