Known Issue: Error while compiling Easy5 2010 model with a C-code component

Issues ID    KI8008227
Status:    Published
Published date:    11/23/2011
Updated:    07/11/2014
Reported In:   Easy5 (2010 (8.2.0)) - EASY5
  Easy5 (2010 SP2 (2010.1.2)) - EASY5

Known Issue

The compilation of an Easy5 model with a C-code component fails with the error message even though a supported C Compiler is installed

Error – the required C compile command “CL” is unavailable.


Easy5 2010+ versions issue the following command prior to launching the C code compilation – during the model build process:

            which cl > NUL

This is done for verifying the existence of the “cl” command (or whatever the appropriate compilation command is for C code for a particular compiler variant).  Unfortunately, if this check fails, the C compilation is aborted.  The similar logic is implemented for the Fortran compilation but it done differently there and even a way for to turn off that checking is allowed.

In the 2010 version, the ‘which’ command should actually be executing a Python version of the “which” command, and this is not happening because the command is not properly defined.  In earlier versions of EASY5, a version of which.exe from MKS Toolkit has been used.


This issue has been resolved in EASY5 2010.1.3. The recommended course of action is to install this (or a later) version of EASY5.


Follow the below given steps to workaround the above mentioned problem in the event that you cannot install EASY5 2010.1.3 or later:
1) Open the WinZip archive attached.  It should contain an executable file named which.exe.txt (renamed to get through the firewalls).
2) Extract the file to your EASY5 home directory, folder %EZHOME%.
3) Rename the file to which.exe to make it recognizable to the Windows system as an executable.

***Issue Status:

This issue is being tracked through a change request ESY-1088 and the fix was included in Easy5 2010.1.3.

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