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Electric Motor Noise Analyses with Actran

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Status:    Published
Published date:    07/07/2021
Updated:    07/07/2021
Reported In:   Actran
Created with Version:   Actran (2021.1)

Abstract (Question)

How can I analyze Electric Motor noise in Actran?

Specifically, how can I connect EM calculations, structural simulations and acoustic response?


Description (Answer)

Electric Motor noise analyses, or eNVH, involves different physics and therefore different CAE tools. Indeed, it involves electro-magnetic simulations, structural dynamics and acoustics requiring the usage of multiple dedicated solvers such as JMAG or other third party EM solvers, NASTRAN and Actran for analyzing the structure and the noise radiated respectively.

The Electric Motor noise is analyzed through Actran Workflow Manager in Actran 2021.1. Specifically, 3 demos are listed in the following example: 2D electromagnetic results obtained with JMAG, structural analyses (eigen modes in an OP2 database) and acoustic radiation performed with Actran. The set of slides gives overview of the models as well as the step by step procedure to connect the different results and different physics in Actran Workflow Manager - EM Workflow:

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