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GPFORCE Support for Frequency Response Analysis in MSC Nastran

Tech Articles ID    KB8024664
Status:    Published
Published date:    02/01/2021
Updated:    02/01/2021
Reported In:   MSC Nastran - MSC Nastran - Standard (SOL 1 through 200)
  MSC Nastran
Created with Version:   MSC Nastran (2021)

Abstract (Question)

This white paper includes an overview about use of GPFORCE in load path analysis and summary of GPFORCE and MONPNT3 output request available in MSC Nastran. It illustrates how GPFORCE output can be used to get elastic and dynamic forces in dynamic analysis. Two examples of Frequency response analysis are illustrated (an Engine mount and a Car assembly). The influence of elastic and dynamic forces is studied on a chosen node path, specifically at higher frequencies where the dynamic effect becomes predominant.

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