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Actran silent mode installation

Tech Articles ID    KB8024660
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/28/2021
Updated:    01/28/2021
Reported In:   Actran - Actran General
Created with Version:   Actran

Abstract (Question)

How to install Actran in silent mode?

Description (Answer)

It is possible to install Actran in silent mode.

To install Actran in silent mode, the following commands should be used:

  • For Windows assuming windows-vs140-x86-64_Actran_19.1_setup.exe is the installer, this installer is in C:\temp and it should be installed in C:\FFT
    C:\temp> windows-vs140-x86-64_Actran_19.1_setup.exe /S /SD /D=C:\FFT
    • /S: runs the installer in silent mode
    • /SD: completely silent mode. Suppresses message boxes.
    • /D: Specifies the installation directory.
  • For Linux assuming is the installer:
    ACTRAN_PATH="directory_where_actran_pl_are_installed" sh --nox11 confirm=no



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