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Pass-by noise simulations with Actran

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Published date:    12/08/2020
Updated:    12/08/2020
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Abstract (Question)

How can I model pass-by noise testing with Actran?

Description (Answer)

Pass-by noise testing is typically done in two way: outdoor or indoor. In outdoor testing, the vehicle is driven through a 20m test zone and the noise is recorded by two microphones located on each side of the road. The regulation then set maximum noise level the vehicle is not allowed to exceed. In indoor testing the vehicle cannot move and therefore instead of having the car being driven though the test zone, the data is collected by cycling over two arrays of microphones placed on each side of the vehicle.

Pass-by noise simulations follows the same philosophy of indoor testing: the acoustic simulations computes the propagation from the vehicle to different virtual microphones located on a line at 7.5m from the centerline and at 1.2m height and then the sound pressure level at each microphone is evaluated to get the pass-by noise indicator.

In the following example, a demo on how to compute and analyze pass-by noise from Actran 2021 is provided:

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