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Turning Off Adams Car GUI Prompts When Running Interactively

Tech Articles ID    KB8023917
Status:    Published
Published date:    11/25/2019
Updated:    11/25/2019
Reported In:   Adams - Adams Car
Created with Version:   Adams (Not Release Specific)

Abstract (Question)

Is there an option to turn off gui screen prompts such as "do you want to overwrite the xxx file?" or "do you want to overwrite an analysis?" or perhaps even turning off the welcome splash screen in A/Car. Does such an option in the ADAMS gui exist?
I wanted to run ADAMS session  in interactive mode. I want to use "adams2018 acar ru-st i" and not "adams2018 acar ru-st b".

Description (Answer)

By setting an environment variable, MDI_ALERT_BUTTON, to 1 or any other non-empty value, Adams Car will suppress interactive prompts while executing commands or responding to users' actions.

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