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Actran User Defined Wizard: Panel Transmission Loss

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Status:    Published
Published date:    06/19/2019
Updated:    06/27/2019
Reported In:   Actran - Actran VI
Created with Version:   Actran

Abstract (Question)

How can I reproduce Panel Transmission Loss Test in Actran VI ?


Description (Answer)

Panel transmission loss is often assessed using a two chambers set-up. Typically, a sample is located in a hole between two chambers (reverberant room as emission and anechoic as reception). The wall separating the rooms is designed to ensure that the acoustic transmission is occurring mainly through the sample. By measuring the amount of acoustic power going through the sample, its capacity to attenuate the sound is assessed and describe as the transmission loss.

In the documents attached to this article, a user defined wizard for Actran is provided and explained. The objective is to provide one simple way to reproduce such test with simulation. Both the pre- and post-processing of the model is performed by the wizard.

Important Note: this wizard is created based on some specific input data. If your typical input data differs from the one described in the documentation, other features of Actran can be used to achieve similar objective using more suited methodology.

A video demonstrating the functioning of the wizard is provided as well, including example files.

As always, do not hesitate to contact the support to get more information about such feature.

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