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lib_mingw64 not supported for Adams ESL

Tech Articles ID    KB8023681
Status:    Published
Published date:    02/21/2019
Updated:    02/21/2019
Reported In:   Easy5 - EASY5
Created with Version:   Easy5 (2018.0.2)

Abstract (Question)

When I try to export my EASY5 model as an Adams ESL, I get the following error message:
"Warning - Compliler/library "lib_mingw64" is not supported for exporting a model as an ADAMS External System Library"
Easy5 will not create the .dll as expected. What is wrong, and how do I fix this?


Description (Answer)

The problem is that EASY5 is configured to use the GNU Fortran compiler supplied with EASY5. While this compiler will work for most EASY5 scenarios, it is not compatible with Adams using the traditional cosim or ESL approach. To do a discrete cosim or an ESL cosim with Adams (unless you use the FMI method), you will need to use the Intel Fortran compiler instead which is purchased separately from MSC products.
If you already have the Intel compiler installed, you will just need to tell EASY5 to use that compiler instead of the GNU compiler. See this KB article for information on how to do that:
If you do not have the Intel compiler installed, you will need to procure it and get it installed if you wish to follow this cosim route.  Then you can use the KB article above to reconfigure EASY5 to use the Intel compiler.
The other option is to use the FMI approach for the cosim methods as there is more flexibility there in terms of which compilers are allowed. This KB article discusses various options for compilers during the EASY5 model export process for cosimulation with another software package:


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