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How do I get access to Solution Download Center (SDC) site?

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Published date:    01/22/2019
Updated:    01/22/2019
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Abstract (Question)

How do I get access to Solution Download Center (SDC) site?

Description (Answer)

There are two ways to get the access to Solution Download Center (SDC).

1. The users can contact the SDC administrator within their organization. To get the list of SDC administrators, please contact MSC support. The administrators can refer to the article # KB8019501 to add the users to SDC.

2. The second option to get the access to SDC is by self registration.

First, you'll need to know your MSC agreement number. This is often on the email correspondence where your license file is sent to you, either in the Subject line or elsewhere (perhaps labeled as ConfigId). They often start with RD######, but can vary.

If you do not know your agreement, number, you will need to obtain this from your sales admin. After you know your agreement number, you'll go through the SDC launch page:

This requires you first to log in using your MSC web login. If you do not have one, you'll need to register. If you do, just enter the password. If you do not remember, there are options for mailing a "hint" that you stored, or even to temporarily reset it and mail you the temporary password.

Once you've logged in, the page will ultimately end on a form, where the top data box that needs to be filled in says "MSC Agreement Number". This needs to be correct, and will be checked by the processing team. If you wish to specify multiple agreements, just separate them with commas.

In the end, after confirmation, this will be submitted to a queue for our SDC team to process, confirm with our financial records (for validity) and an SDC account will be created for you. The team commits to 4 business days turnaround (often done in less). When the SDC account is created, you will be sent an email with the URL, your username and a temporary password to login to the portal.


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