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Auto deleting the Patran session file

Tech Articles ID    KB8023501
Status:    Published
Published date:    07/02/2018
Updated:    07/09/2018
Reported In:   Patran
Created with Version:   Patran

Abstract (Question)

How can I set Patran to either keep or delete the session file when I end a session?

Description (Answer)

User can set the preference for session file from ‘Preferences >> Global Preferences’


However, the setting is not saved in settings.pcl like most other "global" settings. Rather, it is saved in the database.


To set it "globally" you have to modify the template databases.

Set the preference of deleting the session file after closing the db, open the 'template.db' file (located in C:\MSC.Software\MSC.Patran\20XX) in an empty patran window, make the change under Global and close the db to make the changes effective from the next time a database is opened. Note that this will not set the option for existing databases.