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Flexlm v11.9: 'there is strong evidence that this file is untrustworthy'

Tech Articles ID    KB8022768
Status:    Published
Published date:    10/26/2016
Updated:    10/26/2016
Reported In:   MSC Licensing (11.9) - FLEXlm General

Abstract (Question)

Symantec Endpoint Protection quaranties the Flexlm v11.9 installer file with the message “there is strong evidence that this file is untrustworthy” upon download.

Description (Answer)

This issue has been fixed in MSC Flexlm v11.13 by white listing the installer and digitally signing all binaries. However, until the final release of v11.13 all the user can continue to use v11.9. 

The following URL explains the cause and provides a solution to this problem:

Further, we can also verify the MD5 Signature of this downloaded Setup file to make sure that the installer file downloaded from SDC is correct.

There are multiple MD5 Signature verification utilities/tools available on web. Some of them are GUI based, whereas others are command prompt based. 

One of these utility is “MD5 Checker 2.31”, which I use to confirm the MD5 signature of downloaded files. This can be obtained from the link below:

(This is a freeware utility. The copyright of this utility are with its developer only.)

Above MD5 Checker is a completely 'standalone' program that requires no other files (.NET, dll's etc). Also, no installation is required. User need to run the “md5.exe” file only.

In the utility, user needs to copy the MD5 Signature (obtained from SDC site, from link “Estimated Times and Details”) in the first box and path of downloaded file in second box. This will tell whether the file is downloaded correctly or it is corrupted.

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