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MSC.Marc and MSC.Patran: Can Opener SOL 600

Tech Articles ID    KB8022570
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/15/2016
Updated:    04/15/2016
Reported In:   Patran - Patran Marc Preference

Abstract (Question)

Can model on the SimCompanion Article # KB8017984  run in Sol600?

Description (Answer)

This example demonstrates the modeling and analysis of the opening of an aluminum container with SOL 600. The analysis is simplified not to simulate the effects of internal pressure - although it can be extended to that effect - and the cracking of the opening is simulated by way of controlling separation in contact with a stress limit. The container is of the sort commonly used to sell individual servings of soft drinking opened by pulling from a tab.

Topics Covered:

  • 2D thin shell elements
  • Material field using tabular input
  • Elastic-plastic material model using material field
  • Deformable contact
  • Modifying contact table for glue and touch
  • Setting contact separation criterion in contact parameters
  • Multiple-step analysis
  • Large displacement / Large strains
  • Adaptive increments

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