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DAC time history file containing a number in the file name

Tech Articles ID    KB8022568
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/13/2016
Updated:    04/13/2016
Reported In:   Fatigue (2014) - Fatigue General

Abstract (Question)

DAC time history containing a number (for example: 01) in name is not treated properly, causing E-N fatigue  analysis to fail.

Description (Answer)

If a dac file has a number in its name e.g. the name of dac file is "sine01.dac", the E-N fatigue analysis fails and shows the following error massage:

job fails to start!
In Job1(Job) : Job not started, validation failure.
In tsProvider1(Time series load provider) : No tests matched the input string.
Test Specifier: c:\test\sine1.dac,
In tsProvider1(Time series load provider) : Invalid channel number,
In tsProvider1(Time series load provider) : Error reading number of points from time series input
Location: DTJob::Start
Code: 0x001d013b

When the number is removed and the name is changed to "sine.dac", the job runs successfully.

This problem only happens in MSC.Fatigue 2014.1. 

Note that this problem is fixed in Patran 2016.

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