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Exporting the Deformed Mesh (Post Mesh) as STL file

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Published date:    04/12/2016
Updated:    04/15/2016
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Abstract (Question)

How to export the deformed mesh (post mesh) as an STL file?

Description (Answer)

In order to export the deformed  mesh (post mesh) as an STL file you should follow these steps: 
1. Rezone Mesh:

After the Job is run, in the results file (.t16 file), go to the desired increment, Select tool and then click "Rezone Mesh" .

The rezone mesh command adds the current displacements of each node to its coordinates. As a result, the Original configuration will become the same as the Deformed configuration. This is what happening when you do "Rezone Mesh" in any increment. If you execute "Rezone Mesh" again, this process happens again. So you should execute it just once. 


2. Save the File:

Select File > save As and save a new mud file

Note the STL format does not support 3D elements.


3.  Open the saved Mud file in the previous step 

4. Export the STL file

Select File > Export > STL...  In order to export the deformed  mesh (post mesh) as an STL file 


5. Import the STL file

In order to open a STL file, select File > Import > STL... 

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