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How to change or specify the location of an MSC Apex license

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Published date:    12/08/2017
Updated:    12/08/2017
Reported In:   MSC Apex
Created with Version:   MSC Apex (Diamond Python)

Abstract (Question)

How to change or specify the location of an MSC Apex license.

Description (Answer)

There are 3 opportunities where the location of your MSC Apex license may be specified or modified.

Examples of license locations include:

·         27500@hostname

·         C:\MSC.Software\MSC.Licensing\...\license.dat

·         27500@hostname; C:\MSC.Software\MSC.Licensing\...\license.dat

During the Installation

After your MSC Apex installation is 80-90% complete, you will be prompted with a request to supply the location of your license. See Figure 1.

Figure 1

After Installation, Modify runMSC_Apex.bat

After your installation, the location of the license may be changed by modifying the runMSC_Apex.bat file. The location of the runMSC_Apex.bat file may be found by right clicking on the application start icon and selecting properties.

Before modifying this .bat file, it is recommended you make a backup in the event the modified version is rendered unusuable.

You may use Notepad to modify the .bat file. See Figure 2.

Figure 2

After Installation, Modify MSC_LICENSE_FILE

A system Environment Variable named MSC_LICENSE_FILE may be created or modified to specify the location of your MSC Apex license. See Figure 3.

Note: If you have other MSC software packages installed on your machine, changing the MSC_LICENSE_FILE may impact the licensing for the other software installations. If you do find an existing MSC_LICENSE_FILE, it is recommended you add a semi colon (;) and your additional license location to preserve the previous license locations.

For example,

·         Before: MSC_LICENSE_FILE = 27500@hostname

·         After:    MSC_LICENSE_FILE =  C:\MSC.Software\MSC.Licensing\...\license.dat; 27500@hostname

Figure 3

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