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Recommeded Marc and Adams versions for Marc-Adams Co-Simulation

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Status:    Published
Published date:    08/10/2016
Updated:    08/10/2016
Reported In:   Marc & Mentat - Marc Solver

Abstract (Question)

What are the recommeded versions of Marc and Adams for Marc-Adams Co-Simulation?


Description (Answer)

All Adams 2015 and newer versions and Marc 2014.2 and newer versions are co-simulation compatible. 

Following is the list of the earlier versions of these software products and how they interact regarding co-simulation: 

Adams 2014.0.1: There are some issues regarding oscillations and there are lots of manual setups. 
Adams 2015: The issues are resolved and there is no need of manual setup. 

Marc 2013: Does not support co-simulation 
Marc 2014.1: There are some minor issues and it needs Intel Fortran Compiler 
Marc 2014.2: The issues are resolved and there is no need for Intel Fortran Compiler 

Therefore it is recommended to use Adams 2015 and Marc 2014.2 or newer. 

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