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MSC Nastran Intel Xeon Phi (MIC Coprocessor) Information

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Status:    Published
Published date:    07/10/2015
Updated:    07/27/2015
Reported In:   MSC Nastran

Abstract (Question)


Please note that:

*** The Intel Xeon Phi (MIC Coprocessor) will possibly be supported in 2016.0 release ***
*** Testing is currently underway, numbers below are PRELIMENARY ***


  • Xeon Phis help with large dense models.

  • Xeon Phis help with Lanczos Eigenvalue problems

  • Xeon Phis hurt when used with ACMS Eigenvalue problems ( and are disabled ).

  • Static analysis for which Xeon Phis help may benefit more from the Casi solver in cases where the Casi solver is allowed

  • In many cases using a high number of SMP processors may benefit as much as a Xeon Phi.

  • Multiple Xeon Phis are not currently supported.

Description (Answer)


Below are images for several jobs comparing SMP/Xeon Phi for different SOLS. These jobs are large enough to take advantage of the Phi. Job descriptions are below the graphs:

Name           DOF           SOL     
XX0JST0 7.37M 101
XX0HMF0 1.58M 111



Xeon Phis may be used by specifying micid=n on the command line:

nast20160 JOB micid=n
nast20160 JOB micid=0

Where "n" is the number of the Xeon Phi (0,1 etc.)

Determining your type of Xeon Phis with /user/bin/micinfo:

node <80> /usr/bin/micinfo
MicInfo Utility Log
Created Tue Jul  7 07:17:09 2015

System Info

HOST OS               : Linux
OS Version            : 2.6.32-279.el6.x86_64                      
Driver Version        : 3.5-1
MPSS Version          : 3.5
Host Physical Memory  : 20403 MB

      Device No: 0, Device Name: mic0


Flash Version            :
SMC Firmware Version     : 1.17.6900
SMC Boot Loader Version  : 1.8.4326
uOS Version              :
Device Serial Number     : ADKC31304066


  • Some analyses may be slower when Xeon Phi is specified.