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System Cell settings

Tech Articles ID    KB8022090
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/24/2015
Updated:    06/29/2015
Reported In:   MSC Nastran

Abstract (Question)

Using SYSTEM(66) - MPYAD, SYSTEM(119), and SYSTEM(619) - MDLPRM


Description (Answer)

SYSTEM(66) can be used to deselect a MultipyAdd Selection. For example, the MultiplyAdd method selections can be seen by turning on DIAG 19:


A user can force storage 2 of method 1 by setting sys66 to 3145751. This is the value for turning on the appropriate bits:
1048576 (force method bit) + 23 (method 1 storage 2 no-transpose) + 2097152 (print extended diagnostics).
This technique can be used to check performance for Windows method 1 storage 2, in advance of rebuilding the timing constants.


SYSTEM(119)=3 can be used to select the old BUFFPOOL method. This option may be useful if a user gets a signal error in MPYAD in versions prior to 2013.1.


SYSTEM(619)=2 can be used to set the out-of-core MCE2 path. This option may be useful if a user gets a signal error in MCE2 in versions prior to 2013.1.

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