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Token Reduction with SMP

Tech Articles ID    KB8022089
Status:    Published
Published date:    04/24/2015
Updated:    06/29/2015
Reported In:   MSC Nastran

Abstract (Question)


  • The number of "token-hours" may be reduced with SMP.

Description (Answer)


An item to consider is Token Hours used in a run. Nastran uses 250 tokens to run a simple SOL 101 job. To use SMP requires an additional 100 tokens ( whether you use SMP=2 or SMP=16 ). Taking the tokens for each job ( 250 for serial and 350 for SMP ) and multiplying by the time it takes for a job to run yields the following token-hours used for each job. Below is a chart for the xx0rst0 from the SMP 101 page. Therefore, using SMP not only makes a job run faster, but uses less total tokens:



  • See the SMP pages for specific solutions being used.