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DMP with SOL 400

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Status:    Published
Published date:    04/24/2015
Updated:    06/29/2015
Reported In:   MSC Nastran - MSC Nastran - MD Implicit Nonlinear (SOL400)

Abstract (Question)


  • Distributed Memory Parallel ( DMP ) is using multiple processors either on the same computer or on multiple computers.
  • Limit the number of DMP processes to the number of sockets on the computers being used.
  • DMP works with SMP.
  • Small models may scale well with DMP.
  • Large models may scale well to the number of sockets on the system if the time in NLSOLV is large.

Description (Answer)


Below is a chart for various models with varying number of DMP processors.


Large SOL 400 jobs perform lots of I/O. DMP performance varies a great deal depending on memory and disk speed. Small SOL 400 jobs scale well with DMP.

Job N dof N 2-D elements N 3-D elementes NLSOLV time
xx0zn40 2,077,956 0 568,264 900
e3dfhua 3,556,068 558,120 81,738 30
tow 114,129 23,810 1,884 30
doorsag 661,644 111,695 2,665 30


DMP parallel is activated with dmp=n on the command line. Where "n" is the number of CPUs


  • KMETHOD ITER on the NLPARM entry is not supported for DMP in SOL 400. Use FNT or PFNT.
  • Queing systems like PBS/LSF/SunGridengine will need to pass host names to Nastran for multihost runs.

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