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MSC.Nastran Partner Contacts

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Published date:    04/22/2015
Updated:    06/29/2015
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Abstract (Question)

MSC.Nastran Partner Contacts

Several hardware companies have made available people to contact for computer specific questions. Below is a table of these contacts. Please change the _at_ to @ in the e-mail addresses. The convention of _at_ is to prevent web sniffers from getting these addresses:

Description (Answer)


Company Name Phone Number Fax Number Email
AMD                  Antoine Reymond Not Provided Not  Provided                             
Bull Oliver David +33
Not Provided
Cray Doug Petesch (651)605-9053          (651) 605-9088
Dell Michael Crum (512) 728-8917 Not Provided
Fujitsu Clifford Chen (408) 746-6152 (408) 746-6314
Hewlett- Packard                   Chuck Newman Not Provided Not Provided
Hitachi Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
HPC Advisory  Pak Lui (408) 916-0054 Not Provided
IBM Chris Porter (714) 955-8112 Not Provided
Intel Sudha Thiagarajan (503) 264-8366 (503) 712-5247
Lenovo Martin Feyereisen (715) 410-1276 Not Provided
NEC Marcel Huefken Not Provided Not Provided
NETLIST Christopher Lopes (949) 435-0025 (949) 435-0031
NVIDIA Baskar Rajagopalan (408) 486-3392 Not Provided
Oracle Dale Layfield (818) 259-7694 Not Provided
SGI Olivier Schreiber (213) 400-8528 Not Provided


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