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EASY5 gives error message re: "nonnegative width" when trying to export model as a DLL for Adams

Tech Articles ID    KB8021900
Status:    Published
Published date:    01/05/2015
Updated:    01/05/2015
Reported In:   Easy5 - EASY5
Environment:   x86-64 (AMD64 and EM_64T)
  Intel IA-32 (32-bit compat)

Abstract (Question)

I am trying to do a co-simulation between EASY5 and Adams. However, I am getting the following Fortran compile error:


Write(iwrite,'(//5X, A,A,I)')'*** FATAL ERROR *** ',
Error: Nonnegative width required in format string at (1)

What is wrong?

Description (Answer)

The problem is that you have told EASY5 to use the MinGW-32 or -64 Fortran compiler. Adams does not support this compiler. You will need to use the Intel Fortran compiler, version 11.x or 12.x. See the "Hardware and Specifications" section of the Adams "Installation and Operations Guide" for your desired version of Adams-- which can be found listed as the "Hardware and Software Requirements" link on the following web page:
Intel Visual Fortran (IVF) also requires Microsoft Visual Studio (VS) since it is a plug-in to VS. Some versions of IVF come bundled with VS, but we have not had good success with those. We recommend that you obtain the full version of VS (usually called Visual Studio Professional) versions 2008,2010 or 2012.
Be sure to install VS first and then IVF so that IVF can find VS and install itself into it. Also make sure when you install IVF that you install the 64-bit portion if you are using 64-bit Adams. Some versions of IVF do not install the 64-bit portion automatically but instead require a custom install to get the 64-bit portion installed.
Once you have IVF installed (or if you already have it installed on your machine) you will need to tell EASY5 to use that compiler instead. Here is a KB article that explains how to do that:
You will not need to reinstall EASY5.

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